Meet the Ward Family

Chad Ward grew up raising wheat, soybeans, and cattle on the family farm near Blackburn, Oklahoma. During his time at Oklahoma Baptist University, where he met his wife Bethany, his passion for farming was reignited through a food ecology course. It was then that he decided to move back to the family farm and start his own business.  Chad and Bethany moved to the farm in 2013 and began their farming adventure. 

Adding chicken, eggs, and produce was the only way the farm could support another family.  After two years of raising chicken and produce, Chad was able to quit his day job and focus on growing the farm and spending time with his family, including his daughter Eden. 

Chad currently works part-time doing taxes in the local town, while his wife Bethany helps manage the farm, homeschools their daughter, & continues to grow her soap and candle business.

Ward Family Farms is a vendor at the OKC Farmers Public Market.  They make weekly deliveries to Cleveland, Pawnee, Tulsa, Stillwater, & OKC.  Ward Family Farms products can also be found at Crow's Market on Main in Shawnee, 30th St. Market in OKC, and in deliveries across the state with LocalFarmOK! Red Rooster in OKC also serves their products at their restaurant.

Ward Family Farms offers pastured eggs, pasture raised chicken, farm raised beef, pasture raised lamb, & pasture raised pork, plus handmade soaps, candles, & more. They are passionate about providing good quality, real food to their local community, and are excited to see where else this farming journey takes them.